I see so many that are so happy with using film cameras, I’m happy for them but I can’t see myself ever going back to film. I much happier with digital cameras.

I’m currently browsing the photos by Sune Jonsson in the book “Livstycken” (Engllish Life and work”).

He documented the everyday life of people in northern Sweden. I love these photos, they remind me so much of what I’ve seen myself - some of the photos were taken before I was born, others while I was a toddler, but they are quite close to what I could see myself as a very young kid.

The people and surroundings are so very, very close to how it looked like when we visited older relatives. (I was born slightly south-west of where he was born).

We had black cats for 16-17 years and almost every time I tried taking a photo of them I ended up with black blobs in the photo. I think I will not have that problem with the new cats

Kittens make those who practice parkour look like … silly, gigantic, flesh blobs trying to imitate kittens

Decided to take a short bike ride today. Guess what happened … yep, I got wet.

I’m not going to claim that I have an infinite amount of power cables, Ethernet cables, USB cables, etc, but … I don’t fear their immediate extinction 😝

Hmmm, if I’m asked to sign a copyright agreement (online) by entering my name and the system doesn’t accept any letters except a-z, have I then agreed to anything since I’m forced to use “Mostrom” which isn’t my name.

I forgot to upload this yesterday … 1248 days. Yeah, I know, I’m a nerd. Now I’ll keep my mouth shut a couple of years.


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I printed these a few years ago … I wonder if I should do something with them or just “archive” them

Mistakes were made on Wednesday … apparently it’s not a good idea to buy 226 cm tall bookshelves to be put in a room where the ceiling is at 224 cm … especially since the intention was to buy the 176 cm version 😝 And I didn’t notice while painting 🤣 Where is the saw?