Today’s theme: Window. Closed windows seem to be a theme where I live #mbaug

2020 08 09 16 51 34 0001

2020 08 09 17 04 55 0002

Today’s theme: black & white. I’m doing the lazy thing and just publish a B&W photo instead of doing something clever (and I happen to like B&W) #mbaug

Today’s theme: “day tripping”. “Day tripping??” You say, well this is from Tuesday when I drove 500+ km and among other things visited my mother… who wanted to show off her flowers

Todays theme is “flow”. I had hoped to take a few photos of a stream but things happened so here is a desperate photo #mbaug

I’ve always found street photography interesting but I very rarely try it. One reason is pretty obvious: no streets in my neighborhood

Sometimes I think that the reason for cats having tails is that kittens need something to hunt

And here you see the reason why a “quick walk” behind our house usually isn’t that quick.

Undrar varför det heter “gatufoto”? Borde det inte heta “folkfoto”?