One huge advantage of autumn/winter is that I don’t have to get up early to catch sunrise (and soon I’ll be able to sleep in and still get up before sunrise 😜)

Jag vandrade runt några timmar i #umeå i går kväll (fredag). Jag är inte ett dugg förvånad över att antalet #covid fall ökar … efter vad jag såg så förväntar jag mig en rejäl ökning de närmsta 10 dagarna.

I suddenly realized that the advantage of buying cheap, simple speakers is that I don’t have to log in somewhere to use them … and they don’t track what I listen to 👍🏻

I don’t know if I’m alone but my favorite bird is the raven, I love the sound (I will not call it “song”) they make when they are flying high in the air

I’ve been away from home a week and then been busy so yesterday I was able to take my first walk at home in two weeks and there have been some changes. Autumn is clearly making itself visible now.

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2020 09 17 08 40 13 0003

2020 09 17 07 25 01 0001

2020 09 17 07 27 31 0002

Question: if a cat sleeps on your bills, then it’s OK to be late in paying them … right?

Question for those of you who have attended a online conference: how much have you paid? I’ve attended 2 so far and they have been about $60 … I was going to attend a third but they are charging about $400-450 which is what I expect from a conference IRL. I think this is waaaay to expensive. Opinions?

Not a good picture but she didn’t to wait for the camera to actually start working (for some reason my camera is really slow each day when I first turn it on)

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