Jan Erik Moström

I want to visit Helsinki again

Still doing the home gym thing, different exercises though

IMG 9538

The traditional workout in the home gym

IMG 9529

A quick visit to a national park

I think that the birdies need to get the shovel out


🎶♬🎹 Down by the sea 🎹♬🎶

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There are still obstacles that prevents me from working

My hand is stuck in some soft, warm, cozy fur. Can’t get dressed and start working

One thing I learned today is that GoPro batteries doesn’t last long when it gets below 0 degrees C


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If I have uploaded two videos (in 2+ years) to YouTube then I can put “YouTuber” on my CV? Right?

Apparently there was an earthquake here when we were down the lake earlier today. We heard some rumbling but I thought that it was someone out driving with a trailer but it seem like it was an earthquake. Obviously not a big one 😋 (they are rare events - I’ve felt 3 & heard 1)

It’s been an unusual amount of photos taken the first two days of 2021. On Friday I took a walk in the village and Mother Nature had done all the heavy lifting when it came to taking photos. Yesterday it was time to try to take some photos of Albus in the snow.

Green in summer, white in winter … as it should be

2021 01 02 11 52 49 0001

Another day in the village.

2021 01 01 13 32 14 0001

The day after New Year’s Eve