I’m pretty sure that the web site of my university has one of worlds worst search functionality 😩

So many people thinks Slack is so very, very good … personally I’ve always found it confusing and badly designed 🤷🏻

One “advantage” of this pandemic is that the tech in the house has gotten a serious upgrade. Didn’t expect that.

OK, this will be interesting. I’m changing a large part of what I’m doing at work, much less teaching. Instead I’m going to do things that I’ve tried to avoid (very successfully I might add) for the last 25 years.

Do I consider myself a pedestrian? Well, yes. I actually prefer walking to many other forms of transportation. Some people think I’m slightly crazy that prefer to walk 3-4 km instead of taking the bus, but I like it. I see more things (and get some exercise). #mbnov

Today I’ve been building a kind of sluice for the cat doors (when it get cold outside, it get cold indoors) and because of how I built it I needed to reinforce it with some steel plates. #mbnov

Interesting, until last week I have seen perhaps 5 people totally since who have had a mask on … since March. On Monday I saw somewhere between 5-10 with a mask, so apparently there have been some kind of shift in people’s minds . #mbnov

My current dilemma: should I volunteer for doing extra stuff (new things are exciting but might take a lot of time) or should I keep my head down (boring and predictable = I know how can spend my time). #mbnov

I’m currently sitting in a full day Zoom-meeting where we are currently discussing how it’s possible to adjust lecture planning to what is actually happening during the lecture. #mbnov

The time has come for the last call of the day. A Zoom-meeting with a few friends. #mbnov

Monday again and once more I find myself walking around in Umeå trying to pass some time. This time I captured a rose laying discarded on the ground. #mbnov

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Det är ju inte svårt att förstå varför äldre tycker det är besvärligt att gå ut och gå i #Umeå

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There are borders all over, between countries, regions, cities, houses, people, etc. How would a world without borders look like? How would it work? #mbnov