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Collection IV - some kind of review

Todays theme: close up. The result of wearing contact lenses for one year.

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It’s not often I think about it but walking on a layer of water (snow) above another layer of water (ice) that is floating on top of a third layer of water is kind of fantastic

Out walking again

About 1.5 year ago I had this idea of making an attempt for a second degree black belt but it looks like it’s not going to happen. Not only is it that I’m getting too old, fat, and stiff … there is also no chance of training. I haven’t trained for about 15 months or so

Tomorrow I’m going for a change, I wonder if there will be a noticeable difference

I deserve this

Wow … “EU citizens offered financial incentives to leave UK

This is just a short test to see how Ulysses handles images when posting to micro.blog


It will be interesting to see how it looks.

Well, this year has so far been full of change. New position at work => new stuff to learn, new course to teach => relearn and update myself on stuff that have happened the last 10-15 years.

I just want to prove that I tried to set an example for the birds and their shoveling. And no, I wasn’t done but the it started to get dark. And yes, I could have taken the ladder but what’s the fun in that?

Current state of Agnes (I haven’t posted a cat picture in a while)

😜 now the birdies can actually walk to the feeder and eat

I just realized that “Smoke on the water” is 50 years old 😳👴🏻

I’m happy to announce that we got some snow this year also, I had my doubts in December. Kitchen window

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Office window

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Toilet window

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😁 @jack @ohBananaJoe Since I got a new flash yesterday 😜 (sorry I didn’t have the time to set up proper lighting etc)

Sigh, I haven’t been able to take a real walk for several days now. The reason is simply that I’m trying to learn all the new stuff that comes with the new position and it takes time. A bit frustrating.

Sigh, I told the birdies how to shovel a roof. And this is how they do it 🤦🏻‍♂️

First(!!!) attempt of using snowshoes … the size of my feet might explain why I never have tried before 😁. Verdict: not for me.

IMG 9555

First walk this week (I’ve been working and shoveling snow 😋)

Using an electronic device for reading, advice please.

Because of my eyes I find it easiest to read on a screen. Typically I read PDFs/ebooks/etc and quite often I annotate PDFs (ie comment on student reports). I’ve been using my 11" iPad for this and the screen is nice, software alternatives are OK, etc … but it’s a bit heavy. A couple of years ago I tried a Kindle (I’ve forgotten which model) but I disliked the screen (greenish, low resolution, etc), the slow software, etc, but the weight was really nice.

Anyway, I’m considering getting some dedicated reading device but I don’t really know what alternatives I have. The obvious to me is the iPad mini but are there other devices I should look at? Note that the ability to annotate a PDF and being able to send the PDF back to the student is a really important feature.

The birdies didn’t shovel their feeder when I told them to, and see how it looks now !! Now they really need to get their act together

IMG 9541


And now from the new program

First from the regular program

So far, 6 days, the biggest problem of being “Director of studies” at work is learning all the acronyms that people mention …