Last day in Scotland, tonight it’s time to go home.

I’ve been to Scotland twice, the last time was in 2007, and I really like the country (yep, I view it as a separate country). My only regret is that I haven’t seen more of the non-city parts.

My impressions of Aberdeen? Two things that will stick are granite and grey 😋. More seriously, nice town with some nice houses, my favorite spots have been Seaton Park and the beach.

And I just realized that I’m still working with the same people now as then. In fact I’m pretty sure that I met one of them at that conference in 2007.

Since both @jack and @burk have been talking about their Peak Design bags, I thought I would share my experiences. I bought my 10l Sling 1-2 years ago and I use it as my mirrorless bag. It also works as my work bag when I travel. This has been my setup for the last 10 days (work, conference and vaccination). I have two cameras, four lenses, iPad 11”, batteries, memory cards, small tripod, chargers + cables (which isn’t in the picture since they are charging stuff at the moment). As you can see there is space left.

I also have a large Everyday Messenger that I bought for my DSLR stuff … which have never actually been in that bag. Instead it became my office bag which I use Everyday 🙄 to carry stuff back and forth to work.

None of them are perfect but they work very well for me.

Where do I put my DSLR??? Well, my usual setup is a D4s, large pro-body, with a two large lenses, 24-70 & 70-200 both 2.8, and a large flash with batteries etc and to be able handle that I bought a second hand backpack which fit two pro bodies, flash, these two lenses + other lenses if needed. I forgot the brand … but I know that it’s heavy when fully loaded 🤪

It’s always a nice feeling to put the office keys and work ID card on a shelf without having any intention to touch them until August some time. Vacation here I come.

Today is the last workday before vacation, realistically I’ll be working over the weekend plus a couple days in the beginning of my vacation 😖

Beviset på att jag är gammal: jag står inte ut med hur folk använder “dem”. Det skär sig i min hjärna när jag läser text som t.ex. “hjälpte inte så mycket till dem större och mer komplicerade”

Nope, I’m not, I repeat NOT, going to start collecting Apple stuff … looking at my Globe, my Cube, my Power Mac G5 towers, my Newton, my QuickTake camera, …

A question for you macOS/iOS programmers. After all the positive comments about SwiftUI etc I think it’s time for me to take a look at it. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good tutorial? I have previous programming experience Python, Java, C, Haskell, ML, etc with very very limited objective-c experience many years ago.

Sometimes I’m quite fascinated with myself, I’ve been a Mac user for 30+ years, I’m a programmer, I’ve taken one iOS dev course offered by Apple … and yet, I haven’t written one “real” app for the Mac. So, with all Mac devs being excited over SwiftUI, I wonder if’s time to learn Swift and write one app 🤔

Soooo …. now I need to get some money for buying a new Mac Pro and a new screen. Does anyone want to buy some crappy photos for $10000

Well, that might explain why I’m a bit tired now and then … apparently I’ve been scheduled up to 160% teaching this spring. One week to go.

A fresh start! I’ve deleted the content of my two account (one intentionally, one by accident 🤦🏻‍♂️) and moved the content to a blot account. Now I can use these two for what I really intended at the beginning.