Jan Erik Moström

😋 our printer suddenly made a selfie

Todays theme: Up

Looking up at the sky

2021 02 25 10 24 14 0001

Nice, first afternoon nap in many, many months

Todays theme: pompasetting

IMG 9875

Todays theme: favourite

My favorite listening device

IMG 9849

Todays theme: code

I made a quick visit to the office today to get a book. I looked at the whiteboard and saw some code. This is from one year ago, and I think I was trying to explain semaphores (or some other locking mechanism), the perils of using pointers, and finally inheritance. Probably not the same student, or the same course 🤷🏻

IMG 9822

Bedtime, spent most of the day in front of Zoom. Tomorrow, no zoom, Friday half day

Scenes from the village. An man using his snow thrower (correct term??)

2021 02 23 15 00 58 0001

And an elderly woman shoveling snow

2021 02 23 14 59 53 0001

Todays theme: Banana.

A banana while waiting for the next zoom-meeting.

IMG 9814

Something tells me that one of the neighbors is 40 today

2021 02 23 15 39 54 0001

Todays theme: Spell

Not really a spell … well, it makes as much sense as a spell … or spelling but dictating in Swedish while setting iOS to use the English keyboard can result in some amusing prose

IMG 9809

Three women, one man and three dogs out walking, a car passing by. Yet another Sunday walk.

2021 02 21 13 21 46 0001

Todays theme: Colors.

Look, all colors at once

IMG 9804

Outside the kitchen window

2021 02 20 14 56 52 0001

Todays theme: Weather. Some lite snowfall.

2021 02 19 14 34 54 0001

A change in what camera I use, some stats from 2017-2021

Agnes is working on her camouflage 😁

2021 02 19 09 50 25 0001

Todays theme: Alive. One thing that makes me feel alive, and “in tune with the world” is when I’m out hunting (which doesn’t happen that often).

2020 09 07 06 10 37 0001

Todays theme: Home. This has been my view at home for the last 3-4 days (no walks, nothing 😕)

IMG 9791

I got this in my email:

“Imagine the Pandemic without Computer Science

Muffy Calder, Jack Parkinson and I would be delighted if you pass these on, by any means. It’s not about us but about Computer Science and telling the world about contributions that are sometimes overlooked.”

Todays theme: Still. I never got the chance to go out and take some photos today so here is photo from an early morning in Arvidsjaur

2019 08 20 05 19 46 0001

Hmmm, today I thought “I don’t want to go to work today, I just want to stay at home” … well, I’m working from home so that wouldn’t be much of change 🤦🏻‍♂️

Todays theme: Erudite. You might say “Wait, what?” to which I answer “Yep!”

2019 07 16 21 58 06 0001

Todays theme: reflections. From the archive “The Portal”

2019 06 10 22 34 22 0001

Soon I will be able to start with my morning walks again. The sun is now up at 7:30 (2h earlier than two months ago) and I really like to walk a couple of hours before work. And yes, the sun is up 2h more in the afternoon so 4 more hours of light compared to two months ago