Jan Erik Moström

I had to go to the city today, after 30 min I just wanted to go home again … I took this photo which summarize my 3h in the city.


Yet another white day

Hard nope … yep, someone is out ice fishing

2021 03 27 11 26 09 0001

Spring is beautiful they say … well, nope

2021 03 27 11 01 41 0001

Today: My first lecture in almost exactly one year … I hope I haven’t forgotten how to do it (hoping that I haven’t lost 30+ years of experience)

Those 14 min in car have never happened, it’s more like 20min. When I’ve walked this route it’s taken me about 3h (2.5-3h), apple maps say 2:39 … it’s soo boring … but that’s about my walking speed in terrain 4-5km/h. @ohBananaJoe

Waiting for the garbage truck

2021 03 24 14 03 46 0001

Nope, I’m not going out on the ice

2021 03 24 13 58 17 0001

not really true anymore … but perhaps when my grandmother was young 😝

The fierce Swedish lion

Black & White experiments

Black & White experiments

Black & White experiments

Black & White experiments

Black & White experiments

Black & White experiments

I think I’ve been sitting too much in front of the computer. I’m currently reading a paper-book and found myself checking the upper right corner of the page to find out what the time is 🤣🤣🤣🤣

😋 I use Twitter a lot, mostly as a news service but also to follow some photographers. The last few weeks I’ve been trying to cut down what I see so I spend less time on Twitter. And apparently Twitter wants to help me! They have partly blocked me from using Twitter until I do some captcha check … this has really helped me cutting down on my Twitter-time. Let’s see how long I can last without checking Twitter (I predict maximum 1-2 weeks), day 3 and still no serious symptoms 😜

The Antikythera Cosmos

All that fluff !!! 😍 😻

IMG 9985

Sigh, looking longingly at my photo backpack … I really need to get out and take some photos this weekend. It’s no fun working 7-17 every day.

A+ for effort and idea!! My cat have realized that she can’t catch any birds by sitting & waiting below the feeder. So now she’s trying on top of it, or she thinks that behaving like a bird will fool them …

IMG 9966

Yet another walk in the village

It have been quite warm the last week or two, and the snow has started to melt away.

2021 03 06 11 38 59 0001 2021 03 06 12 22 39 0001

Get interested in digital photography and spend the rest of your free time worrying about disk space. Apparently an internal 512GB disk isn’t enough for OS, various software + LR previews 🤨