Jan Erik Moström

I think it’s safe to say that spring is here

“Walking” the dogs

Doing stuff

IMG 0168

Weather & wind

The proud hunter. She have come in with 7 mice in five days.


My cats have divided the workload between them: Tove is the one who teases the neighbor cats, get into fights and pokes her nose everywhere it shouldn’t be. Agnes, with her excellent camouflage, is the hunter and bring us small “presents” quite often.

Excuse me, it’s time to go and throw out the latest “present”

Exposed to the weather

Friends talking

Summer is getting closer

I’ve been hesitant to go out, the weather isn’t “fun”, but I had finally mustered enough courage to go out … and then two persons walked by and it looked horrible. So now I’m back to the starting line again 😖

The snow is almost gone, soon summer

Testing my new camera



Ok, ok … I admit, I’ve ordered a new camera

We have a discussion in the family which cat is the best one, the one who brings in a surprising amount of moss from the roof + pokes her nose everywhere she shouldn’t be, or the one who brings in mice, kill them and then eat them


2021 04 04 09 31 30 0001

Current state in our home


Different sizes

Spring time

Sometimes it’s too easy to take bird photos

We can soon see our driveway from the kitchen window

Hmpf, just as I was shutting down the computer I got three new cases of “suspected misconduct” in my mailbox. Sigh …