Det är ju inte svårt att förstå varför äldre tycker det är besvärligt att gå ut och gå i #Umeå

2020 11 23 09 17 53 0001

We are mostly staying in our village at the moment, but yesterday it was time to get some shopping done. Anyway, I ended up taking a quick walk in the city and …

2020 06 28 15 12 16 0003

At least it looks like they are enjoying themselves

2020 06 28 15 12 10 0002

Let me start the day with a picture of one of the neighboring houses

2020 06 24 04 42 18 0001

2010 03 15 17 47 23 0001

Another old memory, this time from when I was travelling home from Seattle. We were going to take a connecting flight home but for some reason we landed at the same time the other plane was rolling out on the runway - yep, I saw it. So we were offered a room for the night and then a seat on the plane home the next evening. So, next day we took the bus to downtown New York for a quick look around … and of course I needed to go to Empire State Building.

Unfortunately, it’s not a very good photo … I wish it looked like this, this or this but I didn’t have the skill (or the time).

Anyway, I got a free visit to New York so I shouldn’t complain. This was also my second to last visit to the US.