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  • Sometimes I think that the only reason that I still have an instagram account is to be able to follow a few dog breeders and “dog breed associations” (whatever the proper English expression is).

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  • Been looking at Vero the last week or so, it’s interesting much better display of photos than Instagram but not as good as Glass, but Vero has other strengths. Interesting is also that several of the “well known” photographers from Instagram has started to post on Vero

  • I very much agree with what @furstenberg says about US podcasts on the Really Specific Stories by @martinfeld

  • The problem with Facebook

  • I read this on @ayjay’s web site

    And above all, know this: I do not evaluate people when I’m grading, I evaluate their written work. Some students have this strange notion that professors like or dislike people in proportion to their grades. There are surely professors somewhere who think that way, but I have never met any. Some of the most memorable and delightful people I have had in my classes got mediocre grades from me; and there are some people to whom I gave nothing but A’s who weren’t much fun to be around. And in any case, a semester after you’ve been in my class I’ll remember you perfectly well but I probably won’t have the first idea what grade I gave you.

    So true, especially the last sentence … although I would say “one week” in my case 😜