Things changes. When I was a kid and there was thunder outside we had to unplug everything so it wouldn’t get destroyed. In my 30s we didn’t unplug the power plugs, I once forgot to unplug the modem and destroyed it. Today, we don’t do anything, I’m working and there is flashes and thunder outside.

So tired today, Agnes caught mouse nr 21 this night and they were running around in the house “playing” … which meant that they kept me awake. And later, Agnes came and wanted to cuddle … and since she was very wet it wasn’t something I wanted to experience at that time of the day

I’m pretty sure that the web site of my university has one of worlds worst search functionality 😩

I will not comment on the state of the world except: I know of one human being who has an inflated view of himself. #mbnov

One good thing with days getting shorter is that I don’t need to get up before 3 to take a photo of the sunrise ✌🏻 (old photo)

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Sigh, another program that translates “civil engineer” to Swedish as “civilingenjörer” (correct translation would be something closer to “byggnadsingenjör”, “civilingenjör” is closer to “master of science”)

To be honest, I like this “work from home”-thing. I get more done in a shorter time, I save time not having to commute to work, I go for longer, nicer walks, I take more photos, meetings are more efficient, etc.

I’m also pleased that the university at once said that the rest of the term will online, no need for planning for different alternatives.

I don’t understand it, why doesn’t Apple do the right thing and hard code that any kind of text file should always be opened with BBEdit. It such a pain to set this every time I use a new computer.

I have always thought that WordPress was slow and a bit bloated … but writing with the block editor tops it all. It’s a pain.

After having used both the macOS and iOS versions of NetNewsWire for a while I can safely say that I prefer the iOS version … for one simple reason, it has the “show only unread” filter for each feed.

I should write down my experiences, so far, of cataract surgery. Mixed feelings so far.

Today is one of the days when I consider finally fixing my home office and then become a remote worker (not that I can work remotely in my job).

Today’s observation: I don’t know which is more difficult but I’m pretty sure that finding a water leak in a major water line is more physically demanding than finding software bugs

Today’s minor inconvenience: I cut my hair and turn on the shower to realize that there is no water (my whole village and two others have no water at the moment). Those small hair pieces are having a lot of fun on my skin right now 🙂

It’s really interesting to observe 5-6 year old kids, how they behave, grow, change behavior, socialize, etc. After having been an instructor for 10 years or so I’m starting feel that I’m mature enough to be a parent (my youngest is 21 😋)

Having a conference in an “open spece” at a university is a really bad idea

Scientific publishers like Elsevier and Springer are royal pains in the ass, the sooner they go away, the better. Also, why are library systems so hard to use?

One thing I would like to do is to go to a conference, not to present a paper or anything like that. Instead I want photograph/document the whole conference. It would be really fun & interesting.

Yes, what’s is a bit scary - to me - is that companies, government and even individuals can affect so many people so easy.

I am wondering what have become of me … I’ve discovered that I actually enjoy writing and illustrating tutorials

I do get tired of all the “self-promotion” and “patting-myself-on-the-back” retweets on Twitter