Do I consider myself a pedestrian? Well, yes. I actually prefer walking to many other forms of transportation. Some people think I’m slightly crazy that prefer to walk 3-4 km instead of taking the bus, but I like it. I see more things (and get some exercise). #mbnov

Today I’ve been building a kind of sluice for the cat doors (when it get cold outside, it get cold indoors) and because of how I built it I needed to reinforce it with some steel plates. #mbnov

Interesting, until last week I have seen perhaps 5 people totally since who have had a mask on … since March. On Monday I saw somewhere between 5-10 with a mask, so apparently there have been some kind of shift in people’s minds . #mbnov

My current dilemma: should I volunteer for doing extra stuff (new things are exciting but might take a lot of time) or should I keep my head down (boring and predictable = I know how can spend my time). #mbnov

I’m currently sitting in a full day Zoom-meeting where we are currently discussing how it’s possible to adjust lecture planning to what is actually happening during the lecture. #mbnov

The time has come for the last call of the day. A Zoom-meeting with a few friends. #mbnov

Monday again and once more I find myself walking around in Umeå trying to pass some time. This time I captured a rose laying discarded on the ground. #mbnov

2020 11 23 09 41 14 0001

There are borders all over, between countries, regions, cities, houses, people, etc. How would a world without borders look like? How would it work? #mbnov

The dark times fade away and a new beginning can be seen at the horizon #mbnow

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Yes, it’s possible ! The world can really change in 24h (or in this case 23h 55m), compare these to the photos from yesterday. #mbnov

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2020 11 19 12 32 14 0001

2020 11 18 12 40 01 0001

Sometimes I think about our dependence of travel. Do we need to travel as much as we do? We are taught that travel should be fast, but what do we miss by traveling slowly? #mbnov

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I still wonder how the graduation will go, have I given them good enough feedback, instruction and time to train on the techniques? #mbnov

Isn’t everything a memory? Is there anything else? #mbnov

Today was far away from the lazy Sunday I had imagined, suddenly I got an “emergency” call to go and shop some roof repair stuff. #mbnov

It’s interesting how different peoples experiences are. Many years ago I and a colleague from NY was walking back to the hotel from a conference venue (not in NY). I suggested that we should take the shortcut through the park but she was very much against it, it was too spooky and dangerous. I didn’t really understand because to me a dark “forest” mean safety. We talked about it while walking back and I learned that you never, ever walk through a park late evenings or nights if you’re from New York. Who knew 🤷🏻 #mbnov

I guess that some people like Christmas, personally I think it’s a bit early to start decorating #mbnov

IMG 9261

What can I say about the weather today? Foggy … and that I think we should light a fire in the fireplace #mbnov

One of the elderly buildings in my village. I get a bit sad when I see one of these, so much work, so many stories and now no-one seem to take care of it. #mbnov

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My task today: bury the fiber cable than binds my sons house to internet #mbnov

I will not comment on the state of the world except: I know of one human being who has an inflated view of himself. #mbnov

One thing that have puzzled me for a couple of years is why there is a boat here, this is quite far from lakes, houses, etc. But apparently it’s being used. Some day I will discover why … #mbnov

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