A few months back there was a post that questioned if Castro was being actively maintained anymore, and my comment was something along the line of “It works, so I don’t worry until it stops working”.

Well, I’m now worrying. The last 2–3 months, I’ve seen an increase in number of crashes and freezes (Castro stops reacting to any input). To make things worse there appears to be no communication from the company, the last blog post was November 2020, the last tweet in March 2022, the last app update was a year ago, and support requests are seemingly slow or non-existent.

However, I still wouldn’t worry if Castro had worked, but the crashes are too many, the freezes occur daily … so I see no choice but to cancel my Plus-subscription. And, I’m sorry to do so, Castro is in my opinion the best podcast player around, and I haven’t found a good replacement. If it comes to life again, I’ll be super happy to subscribe again, but for now … well, I’m going to look for a new podcast player.